6 recipes to unlock the potential of candy potatoes

6 recipes to unlock the potential of candy potatoes

This story was initially printed in January 2021.

Candy potatoes are underrated. The delicious root vegetable is commonly inexpensively obtainable at native supermarkets all through the winter and shops nicely, particularly when you’ve got a root cellar. Nonetheless, the candy potato usually will get ignored for the starchier Maine traditional, the potato.

Candy potatoes aren’t solely scrumptious, although — they’re good for you. In case you are seeking to eat extra colours of the rainbow to be able to have a extra nutritious, well-rounded food plan, the colourful candy potato — which is normally orange, however may also be purple or white — match the invoice. Candy potatoes are wealthy in beta-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A, in addition to fiber, iron, calcium, selenium, some B nutritional vitamins and vitamin C.

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