Greatest Cinnamon Toast Recipe – How one can Make Cinnamon Toast the Proper Approach

Greatest Cinnamon Toast Recipe – How one can Make Cinnamon Toast the Proper Approach

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Oooooh. You’re on the point of get a style of Me, Opinionated. Be sure you take a photograph! You received’t see it fairly often.

Fortunate for you, I received’t be revealing my knowledgeable views on the surroundings, the stimulus, the brand new well being care laws, or whether or not Commonplace Poodles ever ought to have been cross-bred with Golden Retrievers. As an alternative, I’ll be tearing aside the all-important topic of…cinnamon toast. It’s time we cease skirting the difficulty right here, folks! We’re all buddies right here, and I can not stay silent.

Do you know there’s a proper means and a incorrect solution to make cinnamon toast? It’s true. And sadly for my marriage, I occur to have at all times recognized the suitable solution to make cinnamon toast. My beloved husband, then again, was at all times beneath the mistaken impression that the way in which he’s at all times appreciated to eat cinnamon toast is the suitable solution to make cinnamon toast. However there’s just one drawback: his cinnamon toast just isn’t solely the incorrect cinnamon toast, it’s completely, positively the incorrect cinnamon toast. It’s probably the most incorrect cinnamon toast that there could be. It’s the wrongest. Probably the most incorrect. The Wrongalongadingdong.

It’s certain a superb factor I got here into the image. There’s no telling the place that fella could be with out me!

Earlier than I present you THE proper solution to make cinnamon toast, I’m going to assessment a couple of totally different approaches in order that we will do a examine/distinction on the finish of this submit. We’re going to crack the lid off of this if it’s the very last thing we do!

Strategy #1

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Butter a slice of bread.

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Mix sugar and cinnamon in a bowl…

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Stir it to mix.

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Sprinkle the cinnamon/sugar combination on high of the butter, then pop it within the oven: 10 minutes at 350, then end it off beneath the broiler (I’ll offer you my causes for this technique later.)

Strategy #2

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Butter a slice of bread, then pop it in a 350 diploma oven for ten minutes. Then activate the broiler and let it go for a minute or two till it’s golden.

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Then as quickly as you take away it from the oven…

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Sprinkle on the cinnamon sugar combination.

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In order you’ve in all probability found out, the distinction between Strategy #1 and Strategy #2 is that this: placing the cinnamon sugar on earlier than you place the toast within the oven leads to a topping that’s barely caramelized and crisp. However once you sprinkle on the cinnamon/sugar on after the very fact, it stays free on the floor (see above photograph), partly soaking into the buttery bread. Each are fairly good, however I most positively would like Strategy #1.

However let me present you Strategy #3—in any other case often called THE ABSOLUTELY WRONG WAY to make cinnamon toast.

Please by no means make cinnamon toast like this.

Please. I’m asking properly right here.

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Okay, this isn’t it. This doesn’t even belong on this submit. Sorry.

Strategy #3: The WRONG Approach

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That is it. Should you needed to make the worst cinnamon toast on earth, you’d put a bit of bread within the toaster and take away it when it’s…toasted.

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Then you definitely would—gulp—unfold softened butter on the nice and cozy toast.

That is so incorrect.

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Then you definitely’d sprinkle on the cinnamon/sugar.

Horrible! No dimension in any respect! The butter hasn’t had an opportunity to soak into the bread. No caramelizing. Nothin’.

Terrible! Simply plain terrible.

I repeat: Should you actually beloved me, you wouldn’t make cinnamon toast like this.

Now. Would you wish to see the RIGHT solution to make cinnamon toast?

Are you certain you’re emotionally prepared?

Very properly, then.

Strategy 4: The RIGHT Approach

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Begin with softened butter. I used two sticks. You possibly can halve it if you happen to’re a smart individual.

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Smush it with a fork…

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Then pour in an entire buncha sugar. A couple of half cup for each stick of butter (a minimum of.)

However it’s okay, of us! Sugar is nice for you!

Okay, so sugar isn’t good for you. However actually, it’s. However really, it isn’t. However it’s in my goals. However it isn’t in my actuality.

So I select to not stay in actuality.


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Then comes the cinnamon! About 2 to three teaspoons, relying in your tastes.

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Then comes the magic ingredient: Vanilla! It doesn’t must be Mexican vanilla—this was a present from somebody at one in every of my guide tour stops (thanks!); any previous vanilla extract will do.

However if you happen to don’t use Mexican vanilla extract, you’ll remorse it the remainder of your life.

Oh, c’mon. I’m simply joshin’ you.

However you actually will remorse it.

Simply kidding!

(Man, am I in a temper in the present day. Sorry.)

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Add a superb 2 to three teaspoons. Vanilla in cinnamon-sugar functions is so, so, so, so divine.

I made Pastor Ryan’s Monkey Bread not way back and added some vanilla and nearly died a gradual, agonizing demise of happiness.


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Smush all of it collectively till it’s one creamy bowlful of sin.

That’s when you recognize it’s proper.

Not that sin is true. It isn’t. Sin is incorrect. Sin could be very, very incorrect.

However that is just a bit bitty sin, and it’s not hurting anybody however you.

Until you serve the cinnamon toast to others.

However hear. We’ll cross that bridge once we come to it. Sound good?

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That is the bread I’m utilizing. Amen.

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Unfold a superb tablespoon of the combination on each bit of bread.

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I wish to take all of it the way in which to the sides. This’ll stop uncovered bread from burning beneath the broiler later.

Cinnamon toast is a critical enterprise, folks.

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Make as many items as you need! That is about 1/5 of the amount I normally make, contemplating Marlboro Man eats 100 items at a time and all.

I notice my math is not sensible there, however thanks for loving me anyway.

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Now, right here’s what you do: put the coated bread on a cookie sheet and place it right into a 350 diploma oven for about ten minutes. Right here’s why: we wish to soften the combination and bake the bread only a tad. If we have been to easily stick the pan beneath the broiler, the combination would soften and bubble in a short time however the bread may get a tad soggy since it could be so fast. So we’ll get it began within the heated oven.

After ten minutes, crank on the broiler and end off the toast for a couple of minutes. Watch it fastidiously, although! Burned cinnamon toast will spoil your life!

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Mmmm. You don’t understand it but, however that is actually one thing particular.

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Simply take a look at that. The highest is crispy and crunchy…

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However the backside is barely gentle.


To bump issues up a few notches, you need to use different breads—thick French bread slices are yummy, as are extra grainy home made breads. Simply remember the fact that if the bread slice is thicker, you’ll wish to unfold on a little bit extra butter/cinnamon combination.

The Last Evaluation

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We’ve now taken 4 totally different approaches for cinnamon toast. Clockwise from higher left: Strategy 2, Strategy 4, Strategy 3, Strategy 1. (I’d have been them so as, however I hardly ever do issues the logical means.)

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Strategy #1 would really be my SECOND alternative for cinnamon toast. It has the identical crispy/crunchy high as Strategy #4. The one distinction is that by mixing all of the topping components into a ramification (as we did for Strategy #4), we will add vanilla, which actually provides a depth of taste. (You can even add a little bit little bit of grated nutmeg!) However Strategy #1 is yummy.

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I really like how the cinnamon sugar caramelizes aside from the butter. It’s sort of a pleasant little bonus function.

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VERDICT: Scrumptious.

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Strategy #2: For this one, we broiled the butter-smeared bread…then sprinkled on the cinnamon sugar after the very fact.

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VERDICT: Okay, this isn’t unhealthy. Broiling the toast with the butter lets the butter soak into the bread and simply deepens the general taste. It’s positively lacking the crispy caramelization…however I wouldn’t flip it down if somebody served it to me on a plate with a cappuccino from Starbucks.

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After which there’s this one. Strategy #Gross.

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Toasted the bread within the toaster. Then buttered it. Then sprinkled on the cinnamon sugar.

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Yuck! Horrible! Dry! Boring

And that’s the final opinion you’ll ever hear from me.

Till I cowl PB & J’s…then LOOK OUT.

Goodbye, good luck, and should the great Lord take a likin’ to you.

Pioneer Lady

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