Did a Taco Bell Supervisor As soon as Refuse a Buyer’s $2 Invoice?

Did a Taco Bell Supervisor As soon as Refuse a Buyer’s $2 Invoice?

In December 1993, a narrative started to flow into on-line in a number of Usenet newsgroups a couple of Taco Bell restaurant positioned in a shopping center whose supervisor refused a buyer’s $2 invoice, despite the fact that such payments are authorized tender within the U.S. It was initially posted by a person named Captain Sarcastic.

With articles concerning the purported worth of $2 payments circulating within the information in November 2023 – together with the truth that the 30-year anniversary of the Taco Bell story takes place in December – right here, as soon as once more, is the rumor that we first checked out so a few years in the past:

The next is a real story. It amused the hell out of me whereas it was taking place. I hope it is not a type of “needed to be there” issues.

On my means dwelling from the second job I’ve taken for the additional vacation ca$h I would like, I finished at Taco Bell for a fast chew to eat. In my billfold is a $50 invoice and a $2 invoice. That’s all the money I’ve on my particular person. I determine that with a $2 invoice, I can get one thing to eat and never have to fret about individuals getting mad at me.

Me: “Hello, I might like one seven layer burrito please, to go.”

Server: “Is that it?”

Me: “Yep.”

Server: “That’ll be $1.04, eat right here?”

Me: “No, it is “TO-GO” (I hate effort duplication)

At this level I open my billfold and hand him the $2 invoice. He appears at it form of humorous and …

Server: “Uh, dangle on a sec, I will be proper again.”

He goes to speak to his supervisor, who remains to be inside earshot. The next dialog happens between the 2 of them:

Server: “Hey, you ever see a $2 invoice?”

Supervisor: “No. A what?”

Server: “A $2 invoice. This man simply gave it to me.”

Supervisor: “Ask for one thing else, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A $2 BILL.”

Server: “Yeah, thought so.”

He comes again to me and says:

Server: “We do not take these. Do you may have the rest?”

Me: “Simply this fifty. You do not take $2 payments? Why?”

Server: “I do not know.”

Me: “See right here the place it says authorized tender?”

Server: “Yeah.”

Me: “So, should not you’re taking it?”

Server: “Properly, dangle on a sec.”

He goes again to his supervisor who’s watching me like I’ll shoplift.

Server: “He says I’ve to take it.”

Supervisor: “Would not he have the rest?”

Server: “Yeah, a fifty. I will get it and you’ll open the secure and get change.”

Supervisor: “I’M NOT OPENING THE SAFE WITH HIM IN HERE.” (My emphasis)

Server: “What ought to I do?”

Supervisor: “Inform him to come back again later when he has REAL cash.”

Server: “I can not inform him that, you inform him.”

Supervisor: “Simply inform him.”

Server: “No means, that is bizarre, I am stepping into again.”

The supervisor approaches me and says:

Supervisor: “Sorry, we do not take large payments this time of evening.” (It was 8pm and this specific Taco Bell is in a nicely lighted indoor mall with 100 different shops.)

Me: “Properly, here is a two.”

Supervisor: “We do not take these both.”

Me: “Why the hell not?”

Supervisor: “I believe why.”

Me: “No actually, inform me, why?”

Supervisor: “Please depart earlier than I name mall safety.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Supervisor: “Please depart earlier than I name mall safety.”

Me: “What the hell for?”

Supervisor: “Please, sir.”

Me: “Uh, go forward, name them.”

Supervisor: “Would you please simply depart?”

Me: “No.”

Supervisor: “Fantastic, have it your means then.”

Me: “No, that is Burger King, is not it?”

At this level he BACKS away from me and calls mall safety on the telephone across the nook. I’ve two individuals STARING at me from the eating space, and I start laughing out loud, only for impact. A couple of minutes later this 45 12 months old-ish man is available in and says (on the different finish of counter, in a whisper):

Safety: “Yeah, Mike, what’s up?”

Supervisor: “This man is making an attempt to provide me some (pause) humorous cash.”

Safety: “Actually? What?”

Supervisor: “Get this, a two greenback invoice.”

Safety: “Why would a man pretend a $2 invoice?” (Incredulous)

Supervisor: “I do not know? He is kinda bizarre. Says the one different factor he has is a fifty.”

Safety: “So, the fifty’s pretend?”

Supervisor: “NO, the $2 is.”

Safety: “Why would he pretend a $2 invoice?”

Supervisor: “I do not know. Are you able to speak to him, and get him out of right here?”

Safety: “Yeah …”

Safety guard walks over to me and says:

Safety: “Mike right here tells me you may have some pretend payments you are making an attempt to make use of.”

Me: “Uh, no.”

Safety: “Lemme see ’em.”

Me: “Why?”

Safety: “Would you like me to get the cops in right here?”

At this level I used to be able to say, “SURE, PLEASE,” however I needed to eat, so I stated:

Me: “I am simply making an attempt to purchase a burrito and pay for it with this $2 invoice.”

I put the invoice up close to his face, and he flinches like I used to be taking a swing at him. He takes the invoice, turns it over just a few occasions in his arms, and says:

Safety: “Mike, what’s mistaken with this invoice?”

Supervisor: “It is pretend.”

Safety: “It would not look pretend to me.”

Supervisor: “But it surely’s a $2 invoice.”

Safety: “Yeah?”

Supervisor: “Properly, there is not any such factor, is there?”

The safety guard and I each checked out him like he was an fool, and it dawned on the man that he had no clue. My burrito was free and he threw in a small drink and people cinnamon issues, too. Makes me wish to get a complete stack of $2 payments simply to see what occurs when I attempt to purchase stuff. If I bought the correct group of individuals, I might most likely find yourself in jail. A minimum of you get free meals.

Was this actually a real story? Our authentic article from 2002 not solely included temporary evaluation of the story, but additionally talked about one other one concerning the time a Baltimore County man was arrested for making an attempt to pay with $2 payments at Greatest Purchase. Learn on to be taught extra.

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