For A Visually Beautiful Breakfast Casserole, Use Half Moon-Formed Bagels

For A Visually Beautiful Breakfast Casserole, Use Half Moon-Formed Bagels

Overview of savory bagel casserole
Overview of savory bagel casserole – Tess Le Moing/Tasting Desk

A breakfast casserole is the proper solution to serve a posh, spectacular meal that comes with a number of traditional breakfast meals — both only for your self or for friends at a brunch. Tasting Desk’s recipe for a savory breakfast bagel casserole, which was developed by Tess Le Moing, expands on the breakfast casserole concept through the use of half-moon-shaped bagels to make the dish into one that’s as gorgeous to have a look at as it’s scrumptious.

Le Moing was impressed by the shortage of bagel casseroles whereby you may truly inform it consisted of bagels (many recipes name for bagels to be minimize up into small items). Le Moing mentioned, “Once I serve a bagel casserole, I wish to see bagels! So I assumed retaining them in a half-moon form would make for a extra visually pleasing presentation.”

Not solely does the half-moon form enhance the look of the dish nevertheless it additionally impacts the feel since one half is resting within the egg and the opposite half will get toasted by the oven. Le Moing defined, “So (it is) the proper steadiness of sentimental and crunchy.” Plus, with regards to the style, the bagels might be a mixture of all of the components’ flavors — one aspect of the bagel boasts the melted cheese, whereas the opposite soaks up the egg.

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Different Taste Concepts For A Bagel Casserole

half moon bagels in pan

half moon bagels in pan – Tess Le Moing/Tasting Desk

Whereas the Tasting Desk recipe makes use of cheddar cheese and bacon to enrich the bagels and eggs, these can simply be swapped out for different concepts. To start with, chances are you’ll wish to swap out the bacon for turkey bacon and even plant-based vegetarian bacon. Moreover, you possibly can swap out the bacon for an additional sort of meat. Perhaps you like sausage hyperlinks to bacon within the mornings, or perhaps you need to make use of sliced turkey or ham as a substitute. If you wish to get some veggies into your breakfast, you may embody bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, or actually any favourite vegetable. Plus, you have got whole management over what sort of cheese and bagel you wish to use; any alternative is mainly assured to be scrumptious.

Moreover, you possibly can even choose to ditch the savory concept and make a candy bagel casserole as a substitute. For this concept, you will most likely wish to decide a bagel on the sweeter aspect, corresponding to cinnamon raisin or blueberry. Then, you possibly can swap out the egg for a French toast combination (usually eggs, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla). Lastly, you possibly can add a contemporary fruit topping, corresponding to blended berries. When it comes out of the oven, you possibly can high it with whipped cream and even maple syrup.

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