How you can Prepare dinner Brown Rice Like a Professional

My mother simply wished us to eat entire grains. Whether or not that meant slipping some entire wheat flour into pancakes, cooking brown rice with dinner, or packing me and my sister off to high school with bread we thought tasted like cardboard, she by no means gave up. Now that I’m a father or mother, I share her need to get my very own youngsters to be taught to like the nutty complexity of entire grains, and have adopted her tendency to quietly slip an ever-increasing ratio of entire wheat flour into pancakes and waffles.

Brown rice at all times posed a specific problem for my mother, and it wasn’t till I used to be an grownup that I realized cook dinner it so it was tender, however not mushy, with a little bit of al dente chew to it. I assume the phrase I might use is bouncy? The absorbency of rice, and the bran hooked up to brown rice particularly, makes it significantly liable to turning to mush. For some dishes, like sushi, I’ll nonetheless select white rice as a result of its taste is so unobtrusive. However in fried rice, stir-fries, grain bowls, and as my go-to facet dish, I truly want the nutty depth of brown rice. With regards to cook dinner brown rice, although, there’s a stunning quantity of dangerous data on the market, whether or not it comes from the directions on the bag of rice or the instructions in your rice cooker.

Genmai is a sort of brown rice in style in Japanese cooking identified for its chewy texture and nutty taste.
Photograph by Alex Lau

So take solace in figuring out that your incapability to make brown rice that’s pleasantly al dente and never mushy will not be your fault. Under you’ll discover 4 fail-safe approaches to creating the most effective fluffy brown rice of your life. These strategies can be utilized for short-grain or long-grain brown rice alike, together with varieties like brown basmati rice and brown jasmine rice. And earlier than you ask: Whether or not you select to rinse your rice is a private alternative—some sources say you don’t have to rinse brown rice in any respect. Our opinion: For the fluffiest brown rice doable, rinsing is the best way to go.

How you can cook dinner brown rice in a rice cooker

Within the Bon Appétit check kitchen, our fancy rice cookers—the type with pc chips and particular settings for several types of rice—have at all times labored completely for white rice. Brown rice, nonetheless, used to come back out a bit mushy and overcooked.

I referred to as Zojirushi, the model of rice cooker we’ve at all times sworn by, and spoke with Marilyn Matsuba, its advertising and marketing supervisor. It seems she’s heard this suggestions earlier than, particularly from customers outdoors Japan. In Japan, she informed me, folks typically want brown rice bit softer and stickier, whereas People are inclined to want a a lot firmer grain.

Should you, too, desire a firmer grain with dinner, the trick then is to cook dinner brown rice on the white rice setting. Matsuba confirmed that, so long as you pour in sufficient water (i.e., add water to the mark indicated for brown rice contained in the cooking pot), cooking brown rice on the white rice setting is completely high quality. The ensuing grains are completely distinct and chewy-tender. Bonus: The white rice setting cooks these grains in practically half the time.

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