Joe’s Household Restaurant, an Inverness establishment for 28 years, now reborn in new location | Native Information

Joe’s Household Restaurant, an Inverness establishment for 28 years, now reborn in new location | Native Information

Joe's Family Restaurant open once again

Joe Kozevski retired eight years in the past from his Joe’s Household Restaurant and bought the enterprise to his daughter. He spent 28 years proudly owning the favored eatery that has lately opened a brand new location in Inverness at U.S. 41 and Center Faculty Drive.

Editor’s observe: A profitable restaurant is extra than simply good meals. It’s additionally in regards to the folks inside, from homeowners and cooks to servers, bartenders and greeters, all with a narrative to inform.

Josif “Joe” Kozevski loves to speak, nearly as a lot as he likes to cook dinner.

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Joe's Family Restaurant open once again

Indoor and outside seating is out there at Joe’s Household Restaurant in Inverness.

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Joe's Family Restaurant open once again

Plans are within the works for added seating. Presently, Joe’s Household Restaurant seats 47 friends.

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Joe's Family Restaurant open once again

A number of the many veterans who patronize Joe’s Household Restaurant are honored in the primary eating space of the eatery.

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Along with the Chronicle’s occasional collection, “Different Eats,” about meals vehicles and meals distributors, we began one other collection, “Restaurant Individuals,” in regards to the folks inside a few of Citrus County’s favourite eating places.

At the moment we’re that includes Josif “Joe” Kozevski, the Joe of Joe’s Household Restaurant, which lately reopened in its new location.

Nancy Kennedy will be reached at 352-564-2927 or by e-mail at

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