What’s The Greatest Method To Freeze Candy Potato Casserole?

What’s The Greatest Method To Freeze Candy Potato Casserole?

Delicate, cooked candy potatoes, gooey marshmallows, crunchy pecans, and plenty of melted butter. Combine them collectively and you’ve got a favourite vacation aspect dish: candy potato casserole. Whether or not you are planning on baking and storing this deal with forward of time for a celebration otherwise you’ve made a much bigger meal than you had been planning on and have leftovers, you might be questioning whether or not it is attainable to freeze your candy potato casserole. The reply is sure — although there are some pointers to comply with to make sure it freezes effectively.

The very best technique to freeze candy potato casserole, to begin, requires you to cook dinner the candy potatoes earlier than freezing. Freezing an unbaked casserole will yield disastrous outcomes; uncooked candy potatoes are stuffed with water, and freezing them can burst their cells and render them a watery mess when faraway from chilly storage.

If in any respect attainable, you also needs to freeze the cooked casserole and topping individually. Most elements that you just may discover on high of such a casserole, together with marshmallows, nuts, and even different crunchy additions like cornflakes, do not freeze very effectively. That is very true when in touch with wetter meals that may moisten them within the freezer (like these smooth, cooked candy potatoes). Put together that half individually and place it in its personal container, like a plastic zipper bag. It’s also possible to make the topping the day you propose on serving the casserole if you would like it to be additional recent.

Suggestions for frozen casserole success

To organize a candy potato casserole for the freezer, comply with all the directions in your recipe up-to-the-minute when it calls so that you can add the topping. Permit the casserole to chill utterly. For those who switch the casserole on to the freezer whereas nonetheless sizzling, you create a threat of micro organism and sickness.

Place a strip of parchment excessive of the casserole within the dish you baked it in. You may freeze the casserole immediately within the pan, saving you time and lowering the variety of used dishes while you’re able to reheat it later. Cowl all the pieces in tinfoil (twice, for those who can handle it; double-wrapping will enable you escape the method that results in freezer burn). Then make doubly certain to label the casserole with any well timed notes such because the date it was frozen, the bake time and temperature, the topping elements (for those who’re planning on whipping up the topping later), and anything that may be useful to know afterward.

Defrosting and baking a frozen candy potato casserole

After going by way of the method of completely freezing your casserole, you may wish to take care to warmth it again up correctly so it is simply as scrumptious as when it was first made. This begins with defrosting the casserole (and toppings, if relevant) within the fridge. Permit it to come back to temperature over a 24-hour interval if attainable. In case your casserole incorporates eggs of any type, that is an particularly vital step.

If you’re able to bake, take away the casserole from the fridge and permit it to come back to room temperature. A quick temperature change from the fridge to the oven may cause thermal shock, resulting in a cracked pan, so keep away from placing the chilly casserole immediately into the warmth.

At this level, you may merely bake your casserole in line with the unique recipe’s directions. Add the topping as directed, watch it brown and bubble within the oven, and put together to serve when it is prepared.

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